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Index of testators

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The Index to Testators was published by the Richard III Society in 2008 on CD-ROM. It consists of spreadsheet (MS Excel format) listing over 28,000 testators mentioned in wills dating from 1 January 1399 and 24 March 1540 that have been published from the eighteenth century to the year 2000.

Wills are a very useful source for our period, amongst other information they can give family information, and some insight into social history. Many medieval wills have been transcribed and published and to make it easier to find out if this is the case the Society published this Index.


The Index includes the name of the testator, the date when the will was made and proved, if known, the place of residence of the testator, whether the will is complete or is an abstract or in other abbreviated form and the source where the printed will can be found. The key to the abbreviations for these sources is contained in a separate MS Word file.


     • Testator Index

     • Key to Sources