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Ricardian original sources

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Articles in The Ricardian also include many discussions of particular texts, notably Richard III’s book collection. All the articles published online so far can be found at

Many original sources have been transcribed/translated and published in the Richard III Society’s journal – The Ricardian. These are now available online and include:

Records of Ritual Occasions

     • The reburial of Richard duke of York

     • The royal burials of the House of York at Windsor (1)

     • The royal burials of the House of York at Windsor (2)

     • Laments for the death of Edward IV

     • The christening of Princess Bridget and other documents relating to her

     • The Entry of Elizabeth Woodville over London Bridge in 1465

Letters and Narratives

     • English events in Caspar Weinreich's Danzig Chronicle

     • What Niclas von Popplau really wrote about Richard III

     • Gerhard von Wesel's newsletter 1471

     • A letter relating to the crisis of 1468

     • A Welsh poem of 1485 on Richard III

Chancery Warrants for Richard III’s reign: TNA C 81/1392

     • The Chancellor's File - Part 1

     • The Chancellor's File - Part 2

     • The Chancellor's File - Part 3


     • The IPM of Eleanor Talbot

     • The admiralty seal of Richard duke of Gloucester

     • Financial evidence for Henry Tudor's exile

     • The inventory of a fifteenth-century necromancer (Thomas Nandyke)